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Based in Atlanta, Georgia the Klinke Immigration team is a team of Immigration Attorneys who ensure that everyone who walks through the firm’s doors is treated with respect and fairness. Our office is a safe space where immigrants can speak freely about their immigration status and other issues that may impact their case.

Marietta Immigration Attorneys

Dedicated & Compassionate Immigration Lawyers based in Atlanta, GA

Moving to a new country is difficult, and when difficulties arrive with the law or your immigration status, it’s not always easy to know who to turn to. Based in Marietta, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, Klinke Immigration is here for you and your family during your times of need.

Our immigration lawyers in Marietta work with families on adjustment of status applications, helping permanent residents become naturalized U.S. citizens, and bringing families together through consular processing. Our immigration attorneys fight for clients to remain in the United States. We are nationally recognized as a compassionate leader in working with immigrant victims of violence and human trafficking.

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By providing expert and honest legal counsel to immigrants, the Klinke Immigration team ensures that everyone who walks through the firm’s doors fully understands their legal situation and options.