Mary De Jesus


About Mary


As I started college, I began to learn about the plights of immigrants in this country and how difficult it can be to come to this country and be allowed to stay. I decided at that time that I wanted to help bring compassion and justice to our system and these people’s lives. I changed my college major to International Affairs, interned and volunteered at non-profits, wrote my representatives, and attended protests. Unfortunately, change can be slow, and we are still not where I had hoped we’d be over a decade later. However, working in this firm has given me tangible hope and direction, as I see the happy endings of our clients’ stories.

I have lived in the Atlanta area all my life, although I travel as much as I can. I believe that learning about other cultures and people enriches one’s life and creates better understanding overall. Even outside of the office, I find happiness and fulfillment working with people of other cultures by teaching ESL at night. I want to do all I can to help those who want to better their lives and overcome difficult obstacles or near-impossible odds.

In my spare time, I like to go outside into nature when I can, as well as spend time with my loved ones. I love going to music shows and festivals, but I also enjoy quiet time at home with a cat on my lap. Security and a happy home are important to me, and I want to help give that same comfort to those that need it.

Education & Career

Mary went to Kennesaw State University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a Minor in Classical Studies, with a focus on the Latin language. She later continued her education with a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language and has since completed a paralegals course.

Before joining Klinke Immigration, she worked doing international background checks and teaching ESL. She has now been teaching for years and listening to her students’ stories of their lives and challenges. Her students gave her a purpose and, also, a desire to do more. Once she started working at Klinke Immigration, it was the last piece of the puzzle. She now strives to make reality the hopes that come through the office in the clients.