Tracie L. Klinke

Founding Attorney


About Tracie


An Indian friend of mine used the following words to introduce me to his friends in college: “Meet Tracie – she’s an international American.” I still consider the words my friend spoke as an incredible compliment – in a simple sentence my friend made clear that our identity isn’t dictated by where we are born, and that we all have the ability to shape our destiny regardless of our origin and where we started.

This belief is what’s led me to practice immigration law. I believe everyone deserves a chance to live their version of the American Dream. Some of our clients came to the U.S. temporarily and fell in love with an American and want to build their families here; some came to escape dire poverty; some came because they had no choice but to flee their home countries; others followed family here. Regardless of why they came to the United States and why they stayed, they want to remain here and contribute. I get to help them find ways to make that happen.

I lived the first 23 years of my life in Kansas and, after a brief stint teaching ESL in Poland, I moved to Atlanta in 2005. I never thought Atlanta would become home, but it has! I have found love, steadfast friendships, amazingly dedicated colleagues and the cutest dog ever. Every day, I am blessed to live in a place I choose and I work hard every day to ensure that our clients have that same freedom and independence.

Education & Early Career

Tracie went to the University of Kansas and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English with a Minor in Atmosphere Science and Master’s degree in International Studies with an emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa. While a graduate student, she worked in the International Student and Scholar Services Office where she developed a passion for assisting non-United States citizens and learning more about their diverse backgrounds.

In 2003, Tracie moved to Lodz, Poland where she experienced immigration from a new perspective. When she returned to Kansas, she knew the world had more to offer. In 2004, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she grew an English as a Foreign Language program from 20 students to over 200 in a few short years.

As an international student advisor, Tracie was often asked by her students what to do whenever they got married or had a run-in with the police. She always told her students to seek the advice of an immigration attorney. After saying this many times, she decided it was time to become an immigration attorney herself. She enrolled at Georgia State University’s College of Law in 2005.

In law school, Tracie served as President of the Immigration Law Society and also served as Legislative Assistant Editor for the Law Review. She participated in two study abroad programs – one based in Linz, Austria, and the other in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After graduating cum laude from Georgia State in the fall of 2008, Tracie began working for a private immigration law practitioner in Duluth, Georgia.

Legal Career

Over the last ten years, Tracie has established herself as an expert in family and humanitarian based immigration law. In addition to her work, she enjoys giving back to the community through service and leadership opportunities. She has traveled to Tijuana to volunteer with asylum-seekers, assisted at DACA and Citizenship Day drives, and has given numerous know-your-rights presentations to communities throughout the state.

Tracie has served on the Executive Board of Directors for the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN), Caminar Latino, and for the Georgia-Alabama Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). She has spoken at conferences around the world on topics such as Asylum, Best Practices Before USCIS, the Child Status Protection Act, Immigrant Victims of Violence, J-1 Visas, Practice Management, and VAWA.

Tracie is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, AILA, and the Cobb County Bar Association. She is licensed to practice in state and federal courts throughout Georgia, as well as before the United States Supreme Court.