Opinion Strategy

How to Advocate in Trying Times

It seems like hardly a day goes by without hearing about some new atrocity confronting immigrants and the immigration law system. In just the past week, these topics have dominated…


Jesus the Refugee

Regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, there is no disputing the global and enduring impact of Jesus’s birth. Christmas Day is a perfect time to think about Jesus as…


Limiting Access – The Cold Chill from USCIS

This is a tough post to write, because I generally like the Atlanta USCIS Field Office. The officers and staff are usually professional, kind, and helpful. But for the past several months,…


Travel Ban 3.0

Oh, that pesky travel ban – The Administration keeps trying to push it through, but they keep failing. Last week, two judges (in Hawaii and Maryland) issued restraining orders against…


Updates on the USCIS Atlanta Field Office

The Atlanta USCIS has been suffering since January. They lost their Field Office Director and a Branch Chief to promotions and a second Branch Chief was out for medical reasons….