December is generally a month of good news. From the holidays to time off from work to time spent with family, December is a joyous month. The team at Klinke Immigration hopes that you were able to enjoy the warmth and love of the season!

We definitely saw some positive developments this past month. Green card applications that we filed in October are now set for interviews in January (amazing since we told our clients that it would likely be a year). Naturalization cases we filed in November are also set for interviews in January – record time! We were also shocked by the new LRIF program that allows Liberians in the US since November 2014 to apply for permanent residency during the next year. Although it feels like there has been no good news with immigration the last few years, this month was a reminder that there is always hope.

This last month was full of success for our clients, too. We helped four people become U.S. citizens and four people become lawful permanent residents in the United States. We saw two U-visa applicants gain status after a five year wait. One of our clients went to Ciudad Juarez, having been in the US for nearly 20 years undocumented, and he came back as a permanent resident. Two young adults had their DACA applications renewed. We also received a VAWA approval notice for a client who has been afraid for years – and now she can stop looking over her shoulder.

Throughout 2019, we’ve seen smiles and tears of joy. We are grateful for every success, but we also continue to fight for our clients who continue to wait for their own good news. I’m excited to see what 2020 brings!

– Tracie