October is Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month. Working with DV survivors on obtaining legal status in the United States is one of the most rewarding things we do at Klinke Immigration. We are able to help women and children (and yes, even men) regain control of their lives and to live in dignity. We not only help remove the fear of deportation, but we help survivors move forward. Once they obtain legal immigration status they can apply for a driver’s license, find a better paying job, and gain assistance for themselves and their children. Life gets better.

I didn’t come into this area of law by chance. Some of the most amazing women in my personal life are DV survivors. Every day, I’m inspired by how strong they are, how brave they are, and how they haven’t lost the ability to enjoy life despite going through horrific events. They are my heroes.

Throughout October, you’ll see the purple ribbon for DV awareness. There are many great organizations who help DV survivors and their families. I am only able to work on the immigration component, but there are countless other needs that to be addressed – housing, transportation, counseling, and employment. So, pay attention to the purple and be sure to help out organizations like RAKSHATapestriYWCA, and Georgia Latinas Against Domestic Violence.

– Tracie