On October 1st, a federal appeals court took a closure look at two of the Trump administration’s controversial asylum policies that require certain migrants to remain in Mexico throughout their immigration proceedings and eliminated the practice of asking migrants if they are afraid to return to Mexico to wait for a hearing date.

Speaking to the Justice Department’s lawyer Scott Stewart, Judge William A. Fletcher expressed the following concerns about the Migrant Protection Protocols, “I think you’re in real trouble at least insofar as Judge Watford has told you. You don’t even ask whether they have any kind of fear.” While Stewart argued that migrants would willingly give such information if they were really afraid of returning to Mexico, Judge Fletcher remained unconvinced.

The court also reviewed a challenge to a Trump policy that prevents asylum seekers from petitioning outside of official ports of entry if they entered the country illegally. Although the Trump administration claims the policies are intended to help the government deal the uptick in asylum claim, immigrant advocacy groups argue that such policies are putting migrants in danger.

Ultimately, the policy was allowed to proceed after the judges determined that the “Mexican government’s commitment to honor its international law obligations and to grant humanitarian status and work permits to individuals returned” under the Migrant Protection Protocols, warranted the court to not “disturb this compromise amid ongoing diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Mexico.”

So far, 42,000 migrants have been sent back to Mexico under the Migrant Protection Protocols program.

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