Ready for some good news?!? Besides DACA coming back (hooray!), we have three wonderful stories  to share today.

You may remember that last year, USCIS wanted to end a life-saving program when they unexpectedly announced the cancellation of Medical Deferred Action. After a lot of advocacy and attention, they changed their mind and reinstated the program. Approvals, though, have been far and few between. This month, we’ve been fortunate to receive two approval notices for individuals facing major medical issues. They’ll be able to spend the next two years focused on their treatments instead of worrying about deportation.

The most shocking success, though, is news that our client was released from Irwin County Detention Center this weekend. She had seen Dr. Amin (“the uterus collector“),  provided her statement to investigators, and acted as an interpreter to other victims, but she has a final order of removal against her. We were able to protected her from deportation at the very last minute last month, but she remained detained. Over the weekend, she was unexpectedly released by ICE. Now, after nearly two years, she is with her family and will spend the holidays at home. We still have a lot of work to do to keep her here, but knowing she’s no longer detained makes my heart happy.

We can never give up fighting because we never know where the unexpected miracle will be.