October 1, 2012 is the day I signed my lease and officially started Klinke Immigration. Like any new business owner, I was nervous and not sure what the future would hold. I knew I wanted to provide legal services to immigrants and families, but more than that, I wanted to build a relationship with our clients. It was important to me that our clients weren’t just files or numbers, but to always remember that they are people with hopes, dreams and fears who deserve dignity and compassion.

Our “success story” jar helps us to remember all of the lives that have been impacted by our work. It’s too easy to focus on the negative, but seeing this jar every day reminds me of all the people who have trusted us and who have had their immigration dreams achieved. Every October 1st, I take a picture of the jar. You’re welcome to view the pictures online. You may even be represented by one of these beads if you’ve been one of clients!

This year, our jar is overflowing – we can’t put the lid on it! And that’s an accurate representation of my heart – overflowing with gratitude for our clients, gratefulness for the staff that’s invested so much in our clients’ lives, and happiness for everyone who can live their life without worrying about immigration.

Our next year should be our best! I’m excited about some changes we have in the works, both with the firm and (fingers crossed) with immigration law and policy.