Happy Halloween! October’s been a good month – though it started out on a scary note. On October 1, we were busy preparing all of our adjustment of status cases to be filed before the new public charge rule was going to go into effect on October 15th. If the new rules had been allowed to start, we would have seen a major change in how applications were processed and it would have meant that some of our clients would no longer be eligible to get a green card. But thankfully, this horrible trick from USCIS turned into a treat on October 11th when three judges ruled that the new policy was meant to merely to keep immigrants from obtaining residency for financial reasons alone.

We’ve had a good month at Klinke Immigration. We had two waivers approved, helped five people become permanent residents, saw two clients become U.S. citizens, had three immigrant visas approved, and helped a DACA recipient get a new work card. We also celebrated seven years of serving the immigrant community.

Certainly, there are challenges ahead – we’re keeping an eye on the health insurance requirement, potential changes to the Naturalization exam, updates to the medical deferred action program, and the inhumane conditions and denial of due process at the border. Despite these challenges, though, we continue to see our clients succeed – each victory helping families stay together and making our country stronger.