It’s hard to believe, but it’s the last day at the office for 2016. The last few weeks have been particularly busy with the fee increases at USCIS and the change in nearly all of the forms. Looking back at 2016, though, I see that we were busy throughout the year. Over the last 12 months, we…

  • Consulted with 234 individuals and families
  • Opened 153 new cases
  • Closed 122 cases

As you know, cases are more than just paperwork. These are people who have fought for their chance at the American Dream. Being part of their journey is a true honor. Every case is special, but I’d like to highlight a few.

  • Our first client who was granted asylum last year became a lawful permanent resident this year
  • A family brought together after the tragedy of the Rwandan genocide and then torn apart by political forces is now reunited here in the United States
  • Parents who sacrificed everything when leaving their home country for their son, who became a U.S. citizen more than a decade ago, are now lawful permanent residents themselves
  • The same-sex spouse of U.S. citizen serving in the Reserves no longer has to fear removal from the United States
  • A teenage girl who left her home country because of sexual abuse is now a lawful permanent resident and her future is brighter and safer than ever

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what 2017 will bring. As we’ve discussed before, though, nothing changes unless and until it actually changes. We know that the new administration cannot change immigration laws, only Congress can do that. However, President-Elect Trump has the ability to change policy, which includes DACA and to establish new priorities for ICE and USCIS.

Regardless of what happens, we will be here for you. We are prepared to file applications, fight when we need to fight and to continue to zealously represent our clients every step of the way.