One of the best things about my job is getting to know my clients – forming relationships, earning trust, and eventually being able to share in one of the happiest moments of their lives when we get to share good news. By being the only attorney in the office, I ensure that I am able to form these relationships with each and every one of our clients. No one is a just a name or case number and I am so proud of that.

As the only attorney, I am the only one who can do consultations in our office. Some firms may delegate this to support staff, but I want to learn about our potential clients and work with them to find solutions. If I am going to be responsible for someone’s future in the United States, I need to ask questions from the very beginning.

I’m unable to do consultations every day because I need a few days a week to devote to case work – writing legal briefs and letters, researching cases, responding to USCIS inquiries, and preparing clients for interviews. As life get busy with summer vacations, court dates, interview dates, and other matters, it unfortunately means that my time for consultations becomes even more limited.

I wish I could clone myself and be available more, but please be patient and know that the schedule you see online for consultations has the most up-to-the date information on availability. If you want to be considered for an earlier appointment, please go ahead and schedule, but leave a note in the case description that says you want an earlier appointment. Of course, I know some matters are extremely time-sensitive and you can’t wait. While I would love to be able to serve everyone, I know that you may need find another attorney.

Thank you for understanding…I like to think we’re worth the wait!